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Oooh, the fun that shall happen. Have I ever told you guys that I would love, love, LOVE! to write a webcomic? That I just don't have a story for it?
Well, because I'm kinda' slow sometimes, I didn't realize till now that I have more script than I could EVER want. XD Right under my nose.

You'll hear about that later.

So much fun awaits me, here. Designs are going to be a bitch though. And backgrounds..
I'll have to draw a good chapter before I post anything though. This will be important. Need to make sure I'll stick with this.
Excited. Yes.
You should be too. It's all cool. Still need to do a lot of planning. Working on that right now. I need building designs, layout of the land, character designs finalized and ay-okay'd, parts cut and molded, pacing fixed, blahblahblah.

I'm happy. c:


I'm drawing chibi sketches for 40 points each. That's $0.50 usd. Don't believe me? Check it here: [link]
If you get 5, it'll be $1.75 or 140 points.
If you get ten, it'll be $4 or 320 points.
Fifteen more points (19 cents, totaling 69 cents) for more than a sketch (lineart done and coloring) per chibi.
Small animations (like the ones on my front page) will be $1.25 (100 points) each.

I'll do human/human-like/anthro characters. If I could find a good way to draw animals in a similar fashion, I'd do that too. I'm workin' on it.
The 5/10 deal is only for sketches.

Note me if interested.

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Submitted on
June 20, 2012