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Hello! by Pencil-Wolf Hello! :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 4 11 A New Look by Pencil-Wolf A New Look :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 2 0 Winter Anne by Pencil-Wolf Winter Anne :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 1 0
I Am Four Things A Woman Should Not Be...
I am four things told a woman should not become:
i. The Girl Who Takes Up Too Much Space
ii. The Needy One
iii. The Soulmate
iv. The Girl With Strength
The girl I am is a book when opened, glues its own pages together
just so it isn't read by
the wrong person
I want to be the girl with iron skin, powerful, with mascara that never runs
                              but that just makes me a bitch
                              I guess I'm a bitch
because I am iron, and I am strong but sometimes I can rust
but with a glue bottle in one hand and pages in the other I can make sure I stay safe and closed because baby, I am a steamroller.
I am the girl who takes up too much space and fuck you because I will crush your insults
smother your words,
talk over your douche bag backhanded compliments and
I will climb on top of a desk and yell out my nam
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 10 10
she grabbed me rough and
    her nails burrowed themselves through my skin,
    landscapes created,
        mountains, valleys, folds
      between her fingertips--red with the flush
of life under my skin and
            burning with anger, a  
                    passion, the smile of a smug bitch
                    who doesn't know what is for her own good.
"I hate myself."
                                    One slap, two
                            a hand across my face--a hand
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 0 4
Thistle by Pencil-Wolf Thistle :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 2 0 Cearo by Pencil-Wolf Cearo :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 4 2 Fernweh by Pencil-Wolf Fernweh :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 2 0
Anxieties of a Conflicted Introvert
[i don’t want to
have to tell you i’m
again but
lately it’s been tough.
And i’m stricken with this feeling that
maybe i’m not good enough.]
you see, somewhere out there
        birds are looking for nests and birds
        are finding them in the ribcages of souls but i
am tired of picking straw from my heart
and strings and hair that wrap around my fingers i’m—
[well sometimes i’m a little lonely
but i never wanted to tell you that]
--tired of seeing the ball i wind from
those leftover nests grow and grow—
                    [and i want more, want more, but
                                sometimes there’s only so much my heart can hold]
get out.
--and grow
my life is a tree c
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 293 81
Sometimes It's Hard to Stand Still
We're two broken people
Our spines rigid and sharp, pointed
Like mountain peaks scraping the sky
Our bodies rolling like the North Carolina hills;
I am
Stumbling mumbling
tumbling now, it seems
And unable to grasp what it is that makes me this way.
We move like mountains
Slow, grace
Our snow-capped heads telling us that Spring
Just might be dead and
Our joints aching with the pressure of standing I
am ready to sit.
I am ready to collapse upon the earth
and fold myself up
and lay with my cheek against the hum of your chest
and listen and
b r e a t h e.
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 2 8
Here Lies a Poet
What killed her were her words.
:iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 10 2
Zacharie Pixel by Pencil-Wolf Zacharie Pixel :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 5 10 Do Me a Favor Baby, Don't Reply by Pencil-Wolf Do Me a Favor Baby, Don't Reply :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 0 12 Reflection by Pencil-Wolf Reflection :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 3 4 Abstract by Pencil-Wolf Abstract :iconpencil-wolf:Pencil-Wolf 1 3
Hey guys,

Wow, it's been a while. I don't think I've posted anything on here for about a year. Maybe more. Sometimes I kind of miss dA, though. So I might get back in. So much has changed, though, that I'm not sure in the long run, I'll figure out how to work things again. I did notice, though, that my old chat haunt is dead, which is kind of sad. I have a lot of memories from that place. I'm not sure if any of my old friends are even online anymore..

Anyway, for those of you who care, I've had some pretty big life-happenings. I've gotten officially into the BJD hobby, and now own two dolls: a Luts KDF Summer '14 sculpt, a Fairyland MNF Celine, and an Islanddoll AnAn. If you wanna follow me more with bjd, just search up PencilWolfBJD on Flickr, or Instagram, or I have a dolly blog (

That's pretty big. I haven't been happier since when I joined the community. I had wanted a BJD for a long time, so it feels pretty good to finally be living the dream, I guess. XD

In other news, I just completed my first year of college. Woooo! Only three more to go and I have to get out and try to find a real job! and get an apartment and pay taxes and bills and car stuff... woooo.

But, most exciting of all, dimitrius-trident and I have stayed together through it all, for those of you who remember us. ;) It'll be our fifth year anniversary soon. Finally, finally, though, I'll be getting to meet him in person. I don't even know how to describe my excitement and anticipation. I'll be meeting with him this July, which seems so far away, but not as far away as it used to feel, before I wasn't certain this was going to happen. (Since we both live at home, the uncertainty came from the parent's side of things--making things complicated).

Anyway, that's my exciting news, and maybe I won't drift into non-existence this time. Honestly, I felt like changing up my journal.




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Call me Pen.
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United States
Pencil-Wolf...also known as Pen, Penival, Wolf, Kat, Mustard, Dog, Perch, Dummy, that-weird-girl, that-person-over-there-who-draws-instead-of-eating-lunch, and others.

Formalities aside, I'm a jack-of-all-trades-master-at-none aspiring artist and author/poet. I work to do better and to be the best I can be.

My favorite rock right now: Fire Agate

I like to keep people guessin' about my age.


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